Expertise made to order.

We don’t teach to a test. We teach to a body of knowledge and skills your employees need to perform effectively and efficiently. For many organizations, company-specific knowledge is crucial.

Tooling U-SME provides three levels of customization options, making it simple to seamlessly integrate your custom content into a strategic training program. The result is a proven, industry-vetted manufacturing foundation provided by Tooling U-SME, tailored to your workplace and workforce.

Option 1: Add your custom images, text, and videos.

Work with a range of user-friendly authoring tools and templates to add your company-specific content to pre-existing courses. Blend your processes or product features with Tooling U-SME knowledge.

Option 2: Upload your own content in the course format.

Use the Tooling U-SME formatting guide and template to author and convert your pre-existing content for web-based delivery: images, PowerPoint presentations, videos, tests, and text. Your online content will fit seamlessly into our system.

Option 3: Partner with us for custom development.

Enjoy dedicated access to Tooling U-SME content development resources to transform your training program into web-based training of the highest quality. Our industry expertise means we speak your language and know your challenges. Deliver your training to your people, anytime, anywhere.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your existing training content.