Manufacturing training is all we do at Tooling U-SME. Our manufacturing training provider experience includes 5,000 organizations, from Fortune 500 global giants to midsize private companies to educational institutions. We’re the choice of companies like General Dynamics, Chrysler, GE-Medical, Schlumberger, and Philips.

What does that mean for you? A head start on program design and implementation. A partner who can lead, offering informed recommendations. A library of more than 20,000 learning resources that are tested, proven, and ready to use.

Which workforce market segment is yours?


Redefining of jobs demands broader knowledge; higher-quality expectations require greater skill. Client experience includes BMW, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, General Motors, Volvo Trucks, Eaton.


We’re training manufacturing’s next-generation workforce: High school programs, post-secondary programs like Community College certification and adult education, plus government programs, including Displaced Worker Training.


Consistency is a top priority to produce quality products from delicate components and electrical connectors. Bose Corp., Eaton, and TE Connectivity are customers.

Food & Beverage

Add complex food processing protocols to manufacturing requirements, and knowledgeable, skilled workers become mandatory. J.R. Simplot Company is a customer.

General Shop

How do you transform simple machine operators to true machinists? We’ve helped companies like PEN United, Minco Tool & Mold, Inc., and Tier One LLC accomplish it.

Heavy Equipment

Routine, repetitive jobs have disappeared. Manufacturers need versatile multitaskers to troubleshoot complex systems. Clients include CAT, John Deere, Rosenboom.


Contemporary machining and tool design is a science, with little room for trial-and-error training. Clients include Allied Machine, Mazak, Kennametal.

Medical Device

Complex design, exotic materials, the critical need for quality – that’s the manufacturing challenge. Acumed, Smith, Stryker and Nephew, Inc. are clients.


Oil, Gas & Energy

A tightly defined skill set is mandatory to manufacture these massive, intricate structures. Partners include Flowserve, Schlumberger, Solar Turbines.


Increasingly complex designs, innovative materials, and constantly changing requirements make high-level skills a necessity. Partners include Malnove.


Intricate designs and unforgiving compounds require a margin of error near zero. We’ve developed the workforce of Asahi Kasei Plastics and Cope Plastics.